VAST Error Code Troubleshooting Matrix

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Fantasy worlds are fictional worlds that use magic. This magic may involve saying magic words, using magical objects, or performing magical rituals.

Fantasy worlds
Error Code Fatal? Definition Possible Causes
100 Yes XML parsing error. VAST supplied in adm is not a valid XML document. URL supplied in nurl does not resolve to a valid XML document. Nurl only: Server did not respond with VAST, or at all when player called the nurl. Perhaps a CORS issue
101 Yes VAST schema validation error The VAST validates as XML, but does not validate per the VAST schema (i.e. there are missing mandatory elements or attributes, or combinations of elements/attributes that are not permissible). Some possible reasons for invalidity: InLine and Wrapper both present. AdTagURI missing in Wrapper element. Duration missing. Missing Ad node or MediaFile node. Offset attribute on Progress event is missing or not a valid value.
Piers Anthony Xanth The Magic of Xanth This world has many magical things. It is connected to modern America. Each creature in Xanth has a unique magical talent. These talents are usually minor. Translating the book is difficult because of the many silly puns. These make sense in English but not necessarily in other languages.