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Fantasy worlds are fictional worlds that use magic. This magic may involve saying magic words, using magical objects, or performing magical rituals.

Fantasy worlds
Author World Source Description
J.R.R. Tolkien Middle Earth The Lord of the Rings triology Middle-earth has some qualities similar to Mediæval Europe. The author added magical creatures like elves and wizards. At the end of the story, some magical creatures leave the world.
C. S. Lewis  Narnia The Chronicles of Narnia series The whole world is named after the principal country, Narnia. It features a powerful lion, an evil witch, giants, dragons, and some magical devices. This world is flat.
Piers Anthony Xanth The Magic of Xanth This world has many magical things. It is connected to modern America. Each creature in Xanth has a unique magical talent. These talents are usually minor. Translating the book is difficult because of the many silly puns. These make sense in English but not necessarily in other languages.